Dog Boarding Rates and Services

Boarding rates are by the day. Charges are for the full day regardless of what time the pet arrives. Check out time is 12 noon Monday through Friday. If pets are picked up before noon, then there is no charge for that day. On Saturdays, pets must be picked up before we close at 1 o'clock. Sunday pick-up time is 2 PM to 6 PM, and partial charges for that day apply.

Dog Boarding

We have four levels of comfort for your pet.

Standard Suites

Large (Indoor 4' x 6'/Outdoor 4' x 12') $25.00
Extra-Large (Indoor 5' x 6'/Outdoor 5' x 12') $28.00
Double Extra Large (Indoor 8' x 6'/Outdoor 8' x 12') $34.00
Additional dog in same suite $6.00 off regular daily rate per each additional pet
Sunday Pick-Up - Partial Day Charge $10.00 Standard Suite per pet

*Above rates include bedding, bowls, treats and a premium food.
*Playtime may be purchased separately for Standard Suites.
*All rates are subject to change without prior notice.

Luxury Suites

Large comfy rooms with ceiling fans and web-cams. Treats, two playtimes, bedding, and food included in daily rates. Four of the luxury suites have flat screen televisions and custom-made 4 poster iron beds.

Luxury Suite (Indoor 6' x 6' / Outdoor 6' x 12') $40.00
Extra-Large Indoor Suite w/ TV and four-poster bed $42.00
Additional dog in same suite $8.00 off regular daily rate per each additional pet
Sunday Pick-Up - Partial Day Charge $16.00 Luxury Suite per pet

Pets Belongings

To avoid confusion, we provide bowls and bedding for our guests. Pet bedding brought from home is allowed, but we cannot be held responsible for lost bedding or other items. We can accept toys as long as they are larger toys (not smaller than a tennis ball). We are not able to accept rawhides. Please label your pet's belongings.

Reservation Requirements

During holiday periods, including Spring Break, we require a Visa, MasterCard, or Discover with a valid expiration date to take a reservation. Happy Tails has implemented this policy to better serve our clients.

Cancellation/Deposit Requirements

For all major holidays including Spring Break, there will be a $100.00, non-refundable, cancellation and/or no-show fee per pet, unless we receive a 7 day notice prior to the first day of boarding.

Veterinary Care

If your pet needs medical care while boarding, there are transportation fees which will be added to the boarding fees.

Pet Food

Our preferred pet food is Science Diet, due to their high quality standards. 99% of the Science Diet ingredients are from within the United States and only 1% is from New Zealand (for the lamb meat).

Special Services

Personal Food $0.75 per meal**
Medications administered $1.00 per dose
For medical care to Crossing Animal Clinic $28.00
For medical care to your veterinarian $20.00 plus $0.50 per mile
Sunday Pick-Up - Partial Day Charge $10.00 Standard Suite per pet
Sunday Pick-Up - Partial Day Charge $16.00 Luxury Suite per pet

**These charges do not apply to Luxury Suites.

Even with the best care, boarding can be stressful because your pet is in a new environment and its routines and habits are interrupted. Stress is minimized at Happy Tails Pet Resort by expert staff, attentiveness, proper handling, and strict cleanliness. Additionally, all boarding pets are current on required vaccinations, protecting your pet from sick pets. Yet is is still possible for problems to occur despite all of the precautions we take.

Our experienced caregivers will be alert to problems such as decreased appetite, loose stool, and vomiting. Should problems occur, we will contact the owner with updates. Through our partnership with Crossing Animal Clinic, we can have your pet seen by Dr. May or Dr. Howell. We can also transport your pet to your Veterinarian.

We appreciate your business and look forward to seeing you and your pet soon!